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Текст песни
Verse 1
I was born of the ice and snow
With the winter wolves, in the dark, alone
The wildest night, I became the one
And you'll know you're mine when the silence calls

Heavy is the crown only for the weak

A knife in my heart couldn't slow me down
'Cause power is power, the fire never goes out
I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now
'Cause power is power
Now watch me burn it down

Verse 2
I went down for the coldest one
And I know I'll win 'cause I played before, yeah
I don't know with whatever you say
I don't know if we need it your way
You wouldn't take my place
Put me away, I die lookin' up at your face
How do I ever know? Who can I trust?
Feelings of emptiness
Only love could kill me, God bless

Chorus: The Weeknd, The Weeknd & SZA

A knife in my heart
Couldn't slow me down (Couldn't slow me down)
'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power)
The fire never goes out
I rise from my scars
Nothing hurts me now (Nothing hurts me now)
'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power)
Now watch me burn it down

Verse 3
Breathe, feel the air that I breathe (Yeah)
Air that I, air that I breathe (Ooh)
Who's hotter? Been a monster with a crown (Ooh)
Soul-swapper, high water, keep your head up, you might drown (Ooh)
Hit as well, it's way colder, by the day, we count it down
Been around, just been waitin' up, she gon' come around
I took a drag, bust it out the gate, smile lil baby, slay
I wore a flag, put that on my face, ain't nobody safe
Lift the mask, they gon' have to see what they can't erase
I took a life, so I took it back (Do-do-do-do-do, yeah)
Danger's on my mind (Ah)
Ain't no knife, dagger, bullet that can do it
'Fore you even know, oh, yeah, she'll do it, yeah, yeah (Ah)

Pre-Chorus: SZA
Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen (Oh yeah) 
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